The Path To Finding Better Logos

Tips for Creating an Effective Logo There are logos which are effective and there are those which are not. So what is it in successful logos that makes them work? Simplicity One of the more difficult tasks of designers is explaining to clients why logos have to be kept simple. Why then? First off, a simple logo is easily identifiable, even at a smaller size (for example, when the logo is on a website or a business card). People also recognize a simple logo more easily, even when the quality of printing is low or when the surface it is printed on is rough. It also requires less time for people to save it in their memories. Distinct shapes, lines and words are the physical elements of a simple logo. Saying too much is counterproductive. A logo doesn’t have to show all aspects of a business.
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When a person is introduced to a business or company, the logo is usually the first that catches his attention. This is why it’s very important to make that first impression memorable. Making a lasting impression means the log should be consistent in its use of color schemes. They should be visible everywhere – on business cards, websites, letterheads and the rest. Certainly, to make a logo memorable, it has to be unique. Appropriateness Even the most aesthetically pleasing logo becomes useless if it does not accurately represent the company for which it was created. An inappropriate logo will create wrong impressions, push potential clients away and compromise sales eventually. An appropriate logo properly reflects the company’s nature. It uses fonts and colors that represent the business’ overall vibe. Versatility and Timelessness A flexible logo may be used in a wide range of applications, from apparel to websites to business cards, etc. Some logos are designed only for the web, so this is not a problem; but for the others, this is an important point to look into. On the other hand, timelessness refers to the log being able to adapt to the growth of the company. When a logo is overly specific, it will have to be changed when the business starts providing new products or services. Changing logos should be avoided at all times because it interrupts the continuing identity of the brand. Uniqueness A unique logo is not just different or exceptional. It also represents the business for which it is created. Just making an abstract or very intricate graphic may make it unique, but is it versatile, appropriate and memorable at the same time? All these should come in the package for a logo to be effective. If you’re opening a business and planning on designing a good logo, your first step should be to find a good logo design company. There will be a lot out there, but don’t skip your research so you can make a smart choice. But remember, no matter what they say, the most important gauge of whether they are good is their portfolio.