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Driveway Alarm Systems Will Protect Your Home

There are a lot of devices and system on the market today that will increase and enhance the security of your home or property and keep you safe. A driveway alert system is one of these devices. This is typically installed on the driveway that leads to your home, to monitor who is coming and going. Things like protection level, budget and goals are all things that will affect which system you choose to purchase. There are a lot of devices on the market and you will want to choose the one the meets your personal preference. Like most technologies, the more sophisticated and functional the system is the higher the price will be.

Let’s first look at what a wireless driveway alarm system is. A great way to monitor the traffic in your driveway is by motion detection. These monitor systems can work with your home’s surveillance equipment whether it is radio, lights, or video. The best systems are the ones that require minimum amounts of maintenance and installation.

Wireless driveway alarms are typically made up of a sensor and a receiver. The sensor the alarm is usually placed at the entrance to the drive in an inconspicuous position. Whenever a moving object, such as a car comes in contact with the sensor, it sends a radio signal to the receiver which will then activate the alarm.

Superior driveway systems use a sensor that will only detect metallic objects. This means that your alarm will not sound for animals or other objects that cross the sensor. These systems will typically run off solar power or small batteries.

Next in this article we’ll look at how to install a driveway alarm system. As you know, a driveway alarm system does not prevent cars from entering your property. These systems are only used to give warning of a vehicle entering or leaving the property. You can think of this system as similar to ones used at fast food drive-thru windows.

The installation process is pretty simple for these systems, it will take a hammer, screwdriver and whatever power source it requires. The receive is simply placed in the house so you can hear the alarm and must be plugged into an outlet to get power. Some of the better systems let you choose the tone the alert makes when a car enters your drive.

You can connect a driveway alarm to your home’s already installed security system. This will make your driveway system cheaper because you will only need to purchase the sensor. Advanced driveway systems will come with lights, alarms, and/or intercoms that will be placed all over your property.

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