Rich Energy: How to Get an Energy Boost Without the Bitter Aftertaste

Consumers of energy drinks typically choose the brand that gives them the boost they need. The specific flavor is not generally considered as important because most brands have a reputation as being somewhat unappealing to the taste. Most energy drinks have a slightly bitter taste initially and that flavor increases in its aftertaste. Even when used as a mixer with alcohol or when drinking a juiced version it is difficult to escape the bitter taste entirely. Manufacturers typically blame the bitter flavor on the high level of vitamins and taurine the drinks contain. There is now a reason to believe that this is not the case.

A high-end product known as Rich Energy has proven that it is possible to taste great even when it is packed with the vitamins, taurine and other beneficial ingredients commonly found in energy drinks. The beverage has won taste tests for its flavor when sampled alone and when paired with alcohol. The most important factor contributing to its smooth, pleasant taste is their dedication to selecting only the best ingredients.

The drink contains the purest Alpine spring water. The water was carefully tested to ensure it had the perfect mineral composition to use as the base for the drink and the collection of the water takes place as close to the natural spring as possible. Only organic sugar cane and the finest quality of all other ingredients are used to complete the recipe. Even the cans are locally made in the UK with the highest level of manufacturing processes and materials. The luxurious black and gold design of the cans mirrors the quality of the beverage inside.

Fans of the product use the drink for an energy boost and add it to nearly any cocktail or drink recipe for a more intense effect. The main energy drink the company produces contains the smallest amount of sugar possible to maintain its popular flavor and a sugar-free version is also available for anyone that wants to avoid adding excess sugar to their diet. This drink should be sampled by anyone refraining from consuming energy drinks because of the bitter flavor.