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Why You Should Choose an Independent Elementary School for Your Child Among the independent schools in the US are elementary independent schools. Even if each private school follows its own educational mission, they have a common goal to give a safe environment for learning academics and life lessons such as citizenship, leadership and responsibility. Enjoying certain freedoms is a characteristic of independent schools which is not the case for non-independent schools. For example, independent schools are free to develop and follow their own missions such as guiding principles and how they teach. The diverseness of these schools allow you the freedom to decide which one is more fit for your child. Part of the freedom in the independent schools is that the teachers can make learning activities that are apt for the individual needs of their students but are not bound by the mandates of the state considering curriculum, testing and the like. Also, the independent schools have the freedom to choose their programs for academics and extracurricular where they have the option to offer these to those whom they deem able. Even if every independent elementary school is distinguished, it does share a lot of things with other schools. One of the similarities which these independent elementary schools have is the goal to provide holistic education for their students. The Reason Why You Should Enroll Your Child in an Independent School Why should you go through all the hassle of enrolling your child to an independent elementary school and pay for its expenses?
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Considering high academic standards, the independent schools motivate their students to think critically, be intellectually curious and go for personal growth. Most of the students in these schools take some advanced courses as compared to those in the public and parochial schools and also in some private schools.
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There are websites about schools that give further description of independent schools. Since there are smaller number of students per class, there is a lower student to teacher ratio in independent schools which allows the teachers to zero in on every student. An average of eight students for every teacher is the usual ratio. High quality education is the thrust of these schools so they assign teachers who are passionate and experts on the specific subject. Since they have more academic freedom in the classroom, the teachers have the chance to understand the learning capabilities, interests and motivations of their students. In terms of holistic education, independent schools see to the personal and social abilities of their students aside from their students’ intellect. They offer varied activities outside the classroom such as school programs for leadership and sports activities. Lastly, the active parent community in independent elementary schools view the community of parents to have a salient role in educating their children. They see to it that the line of communication between teachers, parents and students is always open so that they can unify their goals.