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The Best Home Remedies for Hair Loss

A lot of people spend time on making themselves look good and presentable. However people who suffer with hair loss are not happy even if their overall appearance is great. When your hair strands begin to fall fast, the overall volume of your hair decreases and you might even experience receding hair-line or baldness in the long run. An early start of treatment will help prevent the condition to worsen. There are a lot of people who would prefer home remedies over medication because they want to improve their hair condition without the use of chemical products.

Below are recommended home remedies for your hair loss problem.

If you have nutritional deficiency, the health of your hair will naturally be affected. When your daily diet lacks the right amount of iron, zinc, and vitamin A, you hair will lack shine and body and will start to fall. When you take these nutrients in the right amount you will experience improved health of your scalp. Fish, nuts, meat, seeds, and healthy fats are the good sources of these nutrients. If you want to have fast results, adding iron-rich foods to your diet is recommended.

Strong, shiny hair can result from putting hair oils. Many factors can cause our hair strands to become dry and damaged. Sometimes it is the products that we use for our hair that causes it to be dry and damaged. At least every two weeks, you need to apply oil to your hair. Regularly oiling your hair will result in softer and healthier hair. The best oils to use are coconut, almond, mustard and extra virgin olive oil. These oils are very popular worldwide and those that have used them have seen their effectiveness when their hairs are regularly oiled. Mixing different oils together can give you more benefits.

For the hair to be health and strong, it needs protein. External protein treatment application to coat and fill the strands is highly recommended. One protein mask that you can make on your own is a mixture of whipped egg with a little oil and lemon juice. Divide you hair by sections and apply the protein mask and then leave it for a few minutes. After thirty minutes, rinse the mask and shampoo your hair. A thicker and shinier hair will be the result of this protein mask treatment.

The method of drying your hair after washing is very important. We usually dry our hair using a towel and rubbing it hard until it begins to dry. This method is actually damaging because wet hair is weak and prone to break. A t-shirt is a better hair dryer than a towel. With a t-shirt, the fibers are softer and excess moisture is absorbed without rubbing the hair vigorously.

You should also try scalp massage. Simply massage with your fingertips to increase blood flow. When blood circulates properly, nutrients are provided for faster hair growth.

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