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Basic Information on Corporate Identity, Corporate Branding, and Brand Image

The thing that company possess in a visual presence is called a corporate identity. In this aspect, a design of the company’s strategy for corporate marketing and their logo as well is what is used to express this identity. It not necessarily true that the corporate identity sums up the company’s brand identity which is best described as the company’s soul. But, a brand identity is most often identified by a company’s corporate identity. Usually the marketing companies, ad agencies, and graphic design agencies would make you believe that the company’s corporate identity is same as the brand identity. They would tell you that changing a logo or a design strategy will great affect the brand identity but this is not the case.

A brand identity is composed of many intangible factors. A brand identity can be greatly influenced by making physical beautifying changes because the customers will have the idea that the company cares about its appearance however, it is only up to that point.

On the other hand, the corporate identity is in need of evolution with time. Negative effects will arise in the brand identity if a company fails to do this. Also, the revised presentation of a brand must not be overdone since it is also important that you let the customers focus on the their concerns about the company standing. A brand identity is comprised of many key aspects which includes the corporate identity, the organizational culture, service reputation, features, product quality, benefits, performance.

Being the essence of the company is what best describes the brand identity. It can be summed up as the complete package of a business to its customers. Different aspects that form part of it are the features, benefits, performance, value, reputation and product quality of the company. All of these factors contribute in the making of a brand identity.

The perception of the market on a brand identity is the brand image, however this perception sometimes do not go along with the actual brand identity intended. The alignment of the brand image and brand identity is crucial in the market that is why finding a true branding company is sometimes necessary to achieve this. The brand identity is where the success starts and a branding company will show you that. This can happen by finding an ambassador or ambassadress to hire in order to promote your products. If you do this, the customers and the market will have a clearer view or perception of your brand identity and will in turn perceive the right image. Whatever companies decide to do in order to get things right, the important thing is that they stick by their core values and the mission of the company.

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