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What are Aircraft Refuelers?

Aircrafts need fuel to fly. You have probably observed the different activities of various aircraft coming in and out as well the vehicles moving inside if you will spend one day at an airport. Because each aircraft is designed differently, some of them can only contain a smaller amount of fuel and so must be refueled for the planes to function properly on air again. Here is where aircraft refuelers play a big role.

Vehicles that are designed to contain huge amounts of AVgas to provide help to aircrafts are called aircraft refuelers. It is often managed by an aircraft refueler, a person trained to fill in trucks, maneuver long and heavy hoses and drive several trips a day to bring the truck from the fuel farms to delivering the fuel directly to the plane. Aircraft refuelers must be functional, efficient and with many built-in features. Essential Refueling safety tips

Prior to refueling, be sure to learn how to use the pump.

This applies to safety equipment location.

Learn a little about the aircraft so that you can put the right fuel in it.

Remember that it is dangerous to smoke in the refueliing area.

If there is a need to fill the tank to maximum, make sure you do not overfill.

Be reminded not to put the nozzle on the lid area because it can destroy the area surrounding the fuel caps.

Your safety is guaranteed when you follow the tips given.