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Career and Executive Coaching Career and executive coaching refers to the process whereby a professional in a certain field guides an upcoming leader in the same field towards becoming a future leader. This guidance can be on the basis of a senior person being assigned this duty by the organization or a client paying for the services. A person interested in joining a certain career path can find mentors to guide them through the process. Many organizations make I mandatory for the incoming management team to be trained by those leaving. Career and executive coaching has highly been embraced by various organizations as it helps them in saving costs required for training employees. Those holding the senior positions do the coaching for free. The coaching is made a must for them. Those who will take over the leadership are enlightened on the barriers they are likely to encounter when they take up those positions. This type of coaching acts as a source of motivation for employees. By interacting with those in the senior management, employees feel appreciated and important as well to the organization. This in turn leads to high productivity for the organization. When employees feel appreciated they stay longer in the organization.
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Career coaching as well enables those who are going to take into the senior leadership roles to find someone they can make references from when faced with a challenge. This is because during the process of coaching, they develop a relationship with the coach thus making it easier to approach them when the challenges come. The mentors can guide them an all issue pertaining to life as they have been through the same experiences.
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Furthermore, career coaching is necessary for students interested in venturing into certain careers. This type of training enables them to be competent about the requirements for various careers. It guides them in making well informed decisions based on truths. They do not therefore get into careers that they will later regret having joined. This helps a country to have a competent and committed work force. This form of guidance has also proven to help organizations develop more. This is because ideas are shared between the outgoing and the incoming team. Those leaving can pass information to those taking over on some of the achievements they would have liked to achieve but failed in doing so. The new management thus gets a starting point. Career and executive coaching is therefore an important component for the development of any organization. It has been proven to anchor well for the development of most organizations. It is therefore mandatory that any institution interested in achieving their organizational goals have career and executive coaching is one of their major components.