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Do I Need A Building Permit When Adding An Extra Bedroom? Are you planning of moving your small business at home and that you need to renovate part of your home? Or you want to build a fence around your house to avoid unwanted people in your property? What if I want to add a window or a door in my house or add another room to accommodate all my kids, do I need a building permit for all these? These are valid and important questions that needs answers before even deciding to start construction with the renovations. What Is A Building Permit?
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A building permit is a permission from the state that you are going to renovate, build, construct in accordance to the desired changes and specific designs. The word specific should be taken literally which means, if you get a building permit to move your toilet you can move your toilet, but not your sink. This is what the permit is for.
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As mentioned above , this permit is created to protect us and our family from dangerous constructions. Well at some point we may think that this process is only created to annoy us or for the government to torture us with red tape but in reality this will ensure us and our property is designed according to the governments regulations and we will be able to avoid injuries due to improper procedure and wrong use of materials. Building permits are highly practiced in the State of California and other areas in which earthquakes is often happening and that earth movements can cause changes into your property or business. This kind of permit also helps in protecting us from any unscrupulous contractors who do not follow the standard building procedure and using substandard materials. Getting A Permit How long does it take to acquire a building permit? Honestly, it will take a lot of your time. Obtaining a building permit from the city can be daunting. Why? Government offices that issue building permits takes this very seriously, you cannot simply go to the office and ask for a permit. You need to have supporting documents on the renovations you are planning and if you miss the process or is done incorrectly then you have wasted hours and you hard earned money. First, you have to know what type of permit do you need as there are several types of construction projects that may require one or all of them. Different Types of permits are: Zoning, Drainage and Grading, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical and Building As soon as you determine what type of permit you need to acquire, the next step is to call you country or city building and safety office or you can check their official website for you to begin the process in acquiring the permit. Aside from going around to different offices, you also need to spend time in researching and reading. Country and city building codes are lengthy and not simple with a lot of information to go through. You have to remember that in every county and city, they have different set of regulations and laws as well as codes so be sure comply each of them. Remember that you need to meet both city and county requirements.