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The Better Way To Understanding Vacuum Trucks

Engaging in the vacuum truck business is one of the best way to gain profit since these vacuum trucks are applicable for use in a lot of different settings and needs whether sanitary or construction needs. The vacuum truck is commonly know for its uses in the pumping of septic tanks and contrary to what most people believe, these vacuum truck have more uses than just septic tank system pumping. A vacuum truck in the best possible conditions have a lot of known uses especially the ones that are keeping the road fleet operator working. If you are a vacuum truck operator that is looking for additional services that you can offer with your vacuum trucks, you need to do an assessment on the functionality of your vacuum trucks so that you can make an assessment properly if you are to buy an additional vacuum truck unit for a specific service to cater.

The Wet And Dry Assessment

Today’s modern vacuum trucks have a lot of variations with regards to the jobs it can do, and these vacuum trucks can be classified according to the vacuum system it has. The vacuum system of vacuum trucks are powerful and heavy duty and the types of materials it can handle depends on the designed strength of the vacuum system within the truck, which can range from soft to hard solid materials aside from the usual liquid suction. To achieve the best decision whether to purchase a new vacuum truck for the additional service to offer that you have in mind, or an upgrade of the vacuum system of the vacuum trucks that you have, you need to first do an assessment on the vacuum system installed in each truck.

The most common type of vacuum truck are the standard vacuum trucks that are capable of sucking only liquid materials and are having small pumps only with the vacuum strength to handle effective liquid suctions. The much larger type of vacuum trucks have a different capability than that of the small ones since these larger variety of vacuum trucks are capable of heavy material suction due to their high velocity pumps but it cannot be used in liquid suctions. There is also a type of vacuum truck that is used for both wet and dry suction, although it might not hold the same strength of pumping system as the larger vacuum trucks do, it has the ability so suck solid materials that are not that heavy as well as handle liquid suction procedures.

The Capacity And Type of Tanks

A standard type vacuum truck with a smaller pump could only hold one thousand gallons of materials in the tank. A much larger vacuum truck especially the ones used for the suction of heavy solid materials have more capacity at 5000 gallons which is five times more than the standard vacuum truck could hold.