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Accent Reduction for Improved Communication If you are someone working in a native English speaking workplace yet your first language is not English, you might want to ask if accent reduction is really beneficial, or if it really works. If you are working on accent reduction, the first thing to do is to do get a comprehensive English pronunciation assessment. You weakness when it comes to pronouncing vowels, consonants and stress will be reveled with the results of the English pronunciation assessment. The results are very important because you can start your accent reduction right away by concentrating on your weaknesses. When you work hard on your weaknesses first, then it will have faster result than taking the whole English pronunciation course. Working hard regularly to improve your pronunciation weakness can greatly reduce your accent fast. When you work hard on your weakness you can analyze, modify, and reduce your accent to make you speak better although not really something perfect. If you work hard at accent reduction you will make great improvements. It takes hard work to attain the accent that you want to have. What is wrong with having an accent? What can we benefit from accent reduction? You will be able to answer these questions depending on how you assess yourself with respect to confidence and clarity. People who have confidence and speak clearly can greatly be understood by those around him and thus have no need for accent reduction. But if they want to improve on their accent,then they can do so for self-improvement purposes. You will know if you are speaking clearly by observing how others respond to the way you communicate with them. You are not getting through to your listeners if they keep on asking you to repeat what you are saying. When this happens, it shows that what you are telling them is not being said clearly and that is why they want you to repeat it.
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Accent reduction is possible by using textbooks with accompanying CDs or you can search online for accent reduction tutorials or books. There are other materials that you can use for accent reduction like reading blog tips and website accent assessments, MP3 audio recordings and devices where your accent is given feedback by a machine. YouTube also offer many teachers and coaches when it comes to accent reduction tutorials. If you have a smart phone, you can download apps that give accent lessons, which you can study wherever you go whenever you want to. There are English speaking programs on radio or on TV which you can listen to or watch and this can help you if you try to repeat what you hear from the conversations. Another way of learning to speak proper English accent is by regularly conversing with English speakers, listening to their accent, and knowing the slang words and idioms that they use. IF you study at home, you can save on cost but it is not as intensive as studying with a tutor. It will only produce results according to how hard you work on it and how self-motivated you are.News For This Month: Tips