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Modernizing the Catholic Church If you belong to the Catholic world, going to church and attending or hearing mass is a holy and blessed event. Inside the church, we can feel and sense holiness and serenity. There is this ancient feeling that you sense when you are inside the church, and you would never imagine it to have a technology in our modern world. Can you imagine old and young alike bringing their iPads and cellphones inside the church with a wi-fi? What a distraction it will be during the mass, if most of these people will be surfing the internet, checking their facebook accounts, or watching video concert or movie. Actually, a new downloadable application for iPhone gadgets was released that caused the alarm of the Vatican. Vatican immediately ordered to stop such tool, and reminded the people to observe holiness inside the church even with the temptation of these new products.
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A person belonging to an Indiana company that sells and distributes the app, developed this Catholic app.
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The users will have to buy and then download the software in order to use it. For now, the app is still exclusive in the United States for iPhone users. The Catholic Church is offended with the development of this new software, while it is undeniable that the new tool is considered a bright idea from a person who wants confession an act through modern technology. We are all in agreement that technological innovations today are created to provide comfort and ease to people. Performing our daily tasks are made easy and fast with the latest gadgets such as iPhones and iPads, new computers and laptops, and other high-tech products. And so the objective of this new Catholic app, is to give people options on how to do confession, in such a manner that they do not have to go to church, wait on queues, to confess to a priest. In this new application, the person just have to have an iPhone, download the app from iTunes for an amount of $1.99, and he can already start his confession rite. The Confession app has its advantages given the mentioned benefits. But if we think of the sacredness of the confession act, we can say that Vatican is correct with their notion. The Catholic Church would not want these latest technologies to come over the virtues and rulings of the Catholic church and its Scriptures. Although the modern technologies bring in benefits to our society, we should still observe the proper boundaries within the rules of the church and its values. The Vatican is definitely correct with its motion to ban the Confession application because as Catholics, we have the holy obligation to observe the proper way of saying confession based on the way our Holy Bible has taught us for many centuries.