The Most Common and Available Home Plans to Invest In

Property investing has become a lucrative way of doing business with assured profits. This has led to developers working in collaboration with banks and other lending institutions to enable funding of multi-million house constructions. On the other hand, buyers have resulted into taking mortgages that are manageable and help them to easily own a home. This industry has a low risk on investment and high returns that exceed development and maintenance costs.

Any person desiring to invest in real property must be aware of common customer needs and have knowledge on trending home designs. The following are some of the home plans available for a property investor:


This home design is usually one-and–a-half stories with low-pitched roofs, deep porches and shallow dormers. They usually have a front porch with heavy tapering column supports. The design is simple and cozy making it suitable for low capital investment. Bungalows are common at tourist destinations like animal parks, beaches and islands.

Victorian home plan

They are exquisite designs that standout as a show of independence from contemporary designs. Such home constitutes a complicated design that combines uniqueness of round or square medium towers with asymmetrical floor plans and uneven roofing. They are often luxurious due to their complicated design and commonly established at hilly vantage points.


This home plan is an expression of simplicity due to its small size and bare old-fashioned design. It is commonly built using simple, cheap materials that are readily available like stalks, timber or stones. They are traditional in style and rarely exceed one-and-a-half stories. They are cheap to construct and maintain and require a little refinishing to make them standout. They are commonly found in rural places and provide hide out for holidaying.


This design features a taste of luxury all through by combining many architectural designs. They often span at least 3,500 square feet to accommodate a kitchen, gathering space, study rooms and porches. They are suitable for large families or for those who like having spacious rooms for comfort.

The above simple designs are not comprehensive but represent a suitable range of options for investment. A serious investor must first consider their needs, the market trends and the associated cost before deciding on a plan to establish.