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Get Your Name Out There: Utilizing Business Cards

The key to success in any profession is to network effectively. With the internet and electronic communication, many different ways of networking have come to be. While the internet is a good place to network, it is not the only way to do so. However, many prefer the old fashioned way. Business cards have essentially been utilized since the advent of the printing press. They are a proven effective way to make professional connections and grow your client base. No doubt their efficacy in the world of commerce has remained to the present day. Clearly, business cards must contain telephone numbers and the profession of the individual in order to be effective. They can vary in color and material, but typically come in one shape and size. How have business cards remained a staple in the professional and business worlds? Is the aesthetic component important? The answer to these questions is: it depends.

While they are simple and used universally, business cards can be utilized as an effective form of advertising. Just as print advertisements or commercials use aesthetic imagery and color, similar tactics can help make a business card effective. The vast majority employ a simple but tasteful design to make their cards memorable. This simplicity can be appealing to some but others choose a different approach.

Many individuals decorate their cards with images or photographs. Standing out has always been important, and these tactics have been used for years. Some of the first business cards actually contained photographic images of the person.Since business cards are physically dispersed, the way they feel is almost as important as the way they look. There are many different ways that one could choose to print cards. Overwhelmingly, card stock paper is used to make cards. This is the cheapest and most effective type of card. Some choose to take it a step further and use more expensive materials. Some choose to take it a step further and finish their cards with a glossy coat or laminate.

The nature of business is competition, and that means innovation and creativity. Standing out is important, even in something as mundane as business cards. Various seemingly insignificant details like business cards and brand logos can make or break a company.

Cards are handed out to potential clients and associates, the difference between potential and actual could be a little extra creativity. If someone remembers your card, they are more likely to utilize your service. This doesn’t mean you should go overboard with colors or flashy pictures, sometimes simplicity is more effective. What matters is what you do and who your clients are. A banker may be better off sticking to black and white, while someone in the arts community may want to be a little more creative. Different professions call for different approaches.