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The Formulation of Safety Regulations by Companies The nature of businesses of most companies vary and with this, they hire employees that will do the work form them in return of the employees’ compensations and benefits and because of this, the employees sometimes are faced with hazardous work. Manually loading of things or equipment, operating dangerous machinery or equipment, facing or dealing with toxic substances, working with display screen equipment or even stress which is a psychological hazard are some of the hazardous works or factors that can affect that safety and health of employees in their workplace. Most companies now a day are becoming more and more conscious and careful in taking care of their employees especially when they dealing with hazardous works and they have their own safety regulations and management for this kind of work environment for their employees. Whatever the size of the company, be it small or big, there are accidents that do happen based on past researches and studies and most of the employees become injured and ill causing them to lose their jobs in the long run. Now a day, the safety and health if the employees are always included in the business objectives and goals of most companies because it makes a good business sense to take care of your employees so that your operations can be well performed by them thus increasing your profit too. Let us admit that integrating the safety and health policies into the company’s work is a bit of a headache because there are many underlying principles that companies should know before they can implement such rules and regulations.
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For the company to have clear procedures for their safety and health regulations, they must be able to assign a person-in-charge and this person will be responsible for formulating, reviewing or evaluating the procedures so that it will be clear for the management to understand before the rules are implemented. In the nature of your business, you must identify and outline the hazardous causes or things that can affect the safety and health of your employees and if you have identify these things already then you can come up with the rules and regulations.
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Given the hazardous working environment of a company, they should be able to assess the risk of the employees working in that kind of environment so that they can formulate clear procedures and protocols before they can formulate and they can implement these rules and regulations for the employees. Reporting and recording of accidents, providing certain basic workplace, first aid and welfare facilities, having employers’ liability insurance and consulting the workforce and their representatives and other related regulations are some of the key factors that must be included in the safety and health rules and regulations of the company.