Testosterone: Doctor’s Office or Over the Counter?

One of the first questions that most men ask when they are interested in supplements for testosterone increase is whether it is best to get the supplements from their doctor or to order them over the Internet. While the answer may not be the same for every person, one thing is certain: Medical testosterone supplementation through a physician is only for very extreme cases. If a man has testosterone levels so low that he is unhealthy, or if a man has never been able to fully develop as a male due to very low testosterone levels, medical supplementation may be needed.

Testosterone From the Doctor: An Injection Therapy Routine

To get medical testosterone supplementation at a doctor’s office, the first thing necessary is a thorough battery of tests. If the tests show that a man has a marked deficiency in testosterone levels, the doctor may recommend proceeding with therapy. However, this kind of therapy is both very expensive and very difficult. Testosterone therapy at the doctor requires regular injections, and the injections are generally considered to be some of the most painful possible injections. There can be some significant side effects from this kind of testosterone therapy because it puts huge amounts of testosterone into the body at one time and the body might have trouble dealing with this massive influx of the hormone.

Testosterone on the Internet: A Simple Daily Dose of Supplements

There are a couple of reasons that most men prefer to go with testosterone therapy at home. The supplements can easily be purchased online at sites like Amazon. No prescription is required to get the supplements. Each bottle of oral supplements gives detailed dosage instructions that can be adapted to any man, and the dosages are enough to get immediate results but not enough to cause any unpleasant side effects. The price of over the counter supplements is also a big reason why they are a first choice for many men. Testosterone supplements are often a tiny fraction of the price that a medical testosterone regimen at the doctor would cost. As long as the man is dedicated to a supplement regimen, the results can be remarkable.