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Choosing a Chime for Your Business

You will need to think and research your business’s entry needs before you can make a decision on the correct door chime for your company. There are a couple things you can initially think about to make your decision easier; does your business have a receptionist, what is the layout of the office, and do you need to keep certain parts of the office locked off. Whatever your final decision is you will need to look into the manufacturer’s recommendation and also check on the placement guidelines and the warranty.

The most popular door chime is one that makes noise when the door opens. Typically the chime will be placed on the office’s front door, but they can also be placed on doors that security can monitor whenever they are opened. These are generally used with companies that deal with dangerous chemicals or materials or when they have items that are often stolen. For example, pharmacies will usually have a separate area for narcotics that will use a door chime to alert someone when it is being accessed. You can determine whether the chime is loud for everyone to hear or if it only alerts security computers or devices. This is a different option to the older chimes that let everyone hear the chime when someone entered the door.

You can control who enters and leaves the building by installing a door chime that also has an intercom. This doors you door chime into a system that can grant access to certain people. This system works by notifying a desk or person when someone is at the door and then they have the ability to grant access. When the chime sounds this means the door is unlocked and permission has been granted for the person or people to enter. These are commonly used in offices without a security staff or in apartment buildings to limit access. For people that work or live in these buildings they will generally have a key, card reader, or access code so they can get into the building without having to use the intercom.

For some businesses a chime that sounds every time the door is opened works great but for other businesses they might want to have the ability to shut the chime off at certain hours. In some situations the chime to be annoying for the employees and could even become disruptive. Some door chimes can be shut off. This is great if you have a receptionist that sees people enter the building, so she can have the ability to turn it on if they are away from their desk. You can also have it set on a timer so it only works at certain times of the day. This is great for a business that has employees stay late and the receptionist has already left.

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