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Medical Freezers:What are They and Why are They Important? Many people would consider a high quality refrigerator as a household essential; however, for some organizations and institutions, these serve a far more important purpose than just storing food. Medical freezers are essential appliances and provide for some very critical needs. Medical freezers are necessary for the storage of vaccines, blood plasma, biological samples, and other similar enzymes whose temperatures need to be regulated. Unless they are stored at the right temperature, these enzymes are ruined. This is why all medical institutions or laboratories have their own freezers for storage. Medical freezers are a must for laboratories which are required to follow biological standards for material storage and handling which regulate the safety and quality of important biological substances. Medical freezers are available for a variety of purposes – laboratory and medical freezers, for example, will be used to store blood plasma, vaccines, etc. Hospitals and other health care institutions have deep freezers and industrial refrigerators. They provide a controlled environment where temperature fluctuations are very minimal. These are very simple to control and come in many different sizes to meet the buyer’s requirements.
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A standard medical freezer offers the following features: ETL Sanitary Approved, U.L. Listed, frost-free, automatic defrost, and thermostat control.
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They come as chest freezers or will have front doors. Chest freezers open through a top lid. Front door freezers come with either a single door or double doors. A front door refrigerator, on the other hand, will have either a single or double door. Sometimes, the door can even be used as a storage shelf. The doors are typically reversible and can be secured with locks. When choosing a medical freezer, make sure that you choose one that has sturdy locks. Medical freezers are sometimes used to store dangerous chemicals or bio hazards, so sturdy locks will help prevent exposure to laboratory workers or the general public. The other features of medical freezers include alarm clocks for temperature indicators and a display panel. Baskets are sometimes included for more storage. Some models have built-in charts that record and regulate temperatures for a week’s time. Many of these medical freezers are energy efficient and will provide a noiseless and vibration-less operation. The medical freezer’s capacity should also be a primary consideration. They were designed with space conservation in mind. Some models include a 24 hour battery backup. Back up systems are also a big feature of medical freezers and are a must whenever the substances that are being stored are critical to human life or need to preserved for an extended amount of time.