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How To Choose the Best Email Service Provider Email marketing is one of the cheapest strategies to improve revenue and interaction with customers. In order to make sure your email campaign is a killer, sometimes, you’d need the help of email professionals. An email service provider (ESP) is one who can help your business create and send emails perfectly suited to your specific customers, make sure emails are delivered to their inbox, and offer visible results. If you’re in need of some marketing assistance, look no further, we’ve put together a list of criteria you should look into when searching for the best ESP for your business. Offered Features You should know how email marketing will fit into your business as it will dictate the types of features you will be needing from the email service provider. Make a list of potential email service providers and check their list of features thoroughly. Take note, aim to work with an email service provider that wants to grow with your business. It’s a plus if they can still provide you efficient service even as your business and email list grows.
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Aim to get killer emails at a good pace – one that will not spend people a day to make. So it’s best for you to get a professional email templates. Make sure the provider can provide you one that’s eye-catching and efficient. Ease Of Use Having several options for email templates is a must, but you should also ensure that they are easy to use. Customer Care Whether you’re new in email marketing or not, you will always have something to ask the provider. And as a business owner yourself, you know how of great importance customer service is. So what you need is an email service provider which has an excellent client care team to assist you with any type of concern you might have. Pricing You do need great variety of features, but it doesn’t need to be overpriced. Delivery Rates You want to be absolutely certain the your emails reach your customers’ inbox. Aim for high delivery rate – stay in the high 90s. Opt-in Requirements You should have high standards – same with your email service provider. And to meet your standards, as well as for you to be able to communicate with customers through email, you need a provider with enough opt-in requirements. Your delivery rate will increase the more customers sign up to receive your emails. You don’t want to send emails to people who don’t expect to receive them as you don’t want to be reported as spam, or worse, be blocked. It is much more advantageous to build a quality list of consenting people so as to improve your chances for engagement and earning their trust.