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Different Toner Cartridges being Sold Today Printers now are very popular not only at homes, but at offices as well. When you are using printers, you need to know about the various operating information and also the different printing equipment that comes along with it. You actually will find two types of cartridges, which would be the toner cartridge and the ink cartridge. You need to be aware that it is really important that you utilize the right type of cartridge so you can avoid causing damages to your printer. A toner cartridge is in fact utilized in laser printers and this also contains a fine powder which can then be magnetically charged. A fine powder is a mixture of black, carbon and plastic particles or different kinds of coloring agents which helps to maximize the actual image on the paper. There are thousands of pages which can in fact be printed from a laser printer through the use of a single toner cartridge. The printer companies mostly recommends the use of specific cartridges in order to ensure getting the highest rate of functionality.
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An important thing that you need to take note is by buying a cartridge that will be compatible with your laser printer. You also could buy a remanufactured toner cartridge in a lower price compared to the new one. There are in fact 4 types of toner cartridge to which are available.
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One of these types would be the OEM or the Original Equipment Manufacturer that is considered as the most expensive one, yet it is the most commonly one being bought to. This refers to buying the cartridge which is made by the original company itself. This in fact has the advantage to where it is easy to purchase and refill. The compatible type would be known as the generic cartridge that is made by the company that is different from the printer manufacturer. These are just like the OEM types, yet it is a lot cheaper and there are also so many reputable sellers who offer warranties and guarantees to it. Another type is the remanufactured type where it is a recycled cartridge. After you have used a toner cartridge to its full capacity, you could then ship it back to the company. Your cartridge will be cleaned properly and will be refilled again before sending it back to you. You also will be able to find refill kits that are now available that can be used after you have finished reading the instructions. Such option is best for people that are on a tight budget. When you have knowledge on the various types of toner cartridges, it is going to help you to buying the appropriate type of cartridge when it comes to your printing needs.