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Different Types of Mining Ore Ever since man discovered the availability of precious metals under the earth’s surface, he has never stopped digging and extracting them. This has been going on since the existence of these ores was discovered by man. Advancement in technology and improvement of mining equipment has led to these ores being sort after more vigorously than ever. Improvement in technology has made things better for miners who now have better equipment thus the process is more effective and efficient. Keep reading for more information on the matter. To start us off, we shall look at the definition of an ore. According to various sources, an ore is defined as a rock with minerals and other valuable elements like metals. These are what we extract from the ground through mining processes. After mining, several procedures are conducted to get the valuable components from the ore. The procedure often varies from one mining ore to the next. Iron ore
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Having already looked at the definition of ores, iron ore is simply the mineral and rock where metallic iron is extracted. The rock contains iron oxide and can be found in many colors. You will come across rusty red, bright yellow, dark grey, and even deep purple. Inside the ore, the iron can be found in several form such as magnetite, hermatite, siderite, limonite, and goethite. From the list, magnetite and hermatite are usually referred to as “natural ore” or “direct shipping ore” because their iron composition exceeds 60%.
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Copper ore The copper ore comes in various types of minerals which include malachite, bornite, chalcocite, azurite, and cuprite. These are just part of the long list and average concentration of copper in them is 0.6%. Its concentration in these ores is at an average of 0.6%. From mining to extraction of the metal and finally being put to use, the process takes a long time and requires a great deal of effort. It is important to note that just like several other metals, copper can be recycled and put to other uses. Diamond ore Closing our list of ores is the most precious ore in the world at the moment. The diamond ore is very rare and unless you have the skills, patience and put in enough effort. Effort, skill and patience are just some of the things you will need in abundance when looking for this ore. That should tell you just how special and valuable this ore is. The three mining ores are just examples of the many ores being mined all around the world for their economic value. Their use is just as diverse as their nature and qualities.