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Corporate Identity, Brand Identity, and Brand Image: A Comparison

Nowadays there are different kind of brands and corporate that are available in the market so we need to distinguish all of them. The visual aspects of a company’s existence is usually the work of a corporate identity. In modernizing the companies visual image such as their logo, design and collateral, this companies will undertake corporate identity exercises. Even if the corporate identity will do such effort it doesn’t change the brands value, the heart of the brand will still remain as the same and even the meaning of the brand. Unfortunately, many of the companies has no idea regarding this myth, as they are sometimes let to believe that once the image or the logo of a company change, the heart and the values will change also. This changes such as the change in the company’s logo, signage and others will not change the perception of their trusted clients, as they will always know that the quality and service being rendered by the company will still be remain as is.

The best explanation why there are changes in the company’s logo is that the company is still concerned about how there company looks. In a company, it is a must to maintain their brands modern look, and the visual identity of the company needs to change time to time. An effective and successful new look on a company’s logo is called as evolution not revolution. If the company’s brand will have an overall changes in their visual identity, this may alarm the consumer if the brands will change its values and if another new owner will run the business. For example, if the client is so attached or attracted to the brand they might have be a substantial changes that will destroy the trust and emotional attachments of the brand and the consumers. Even people do not expect the emotions of other persons, they are just concerned of the brand which they trusted for a long time.

The intention of changing the brands visual aspects is just to improve its value, with the help of the corporate identity it will accompany the widespread of the changes in the organizational culture, quality and service standards in a company. A job well done in changing the brands visual aspect can receive a positive feedback on their clients. If you are spending a large amount of money in order to improve your brands visual identity, you don’t need to get worry, just remember the beautiful side you received from the consumers.

Brand identity is where the company will make a promise to the consumers and it will be delivered well.

A brand image is where the consumers may observe the brands logo or the visual image but doesn’t match with the brand itself.